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Found this awesomeness on BLDGBLOG just now, had to post it.
50 apocalyptic Manhattan like buildings “built by Warhammer 40K players and students of Nordiska Scenografiskolan (Nordic Set Design school) in Skellefteå, Sweden.” on the floor of three rooms in an apartment, setup for a music video for the band Strata.

Photo by Magnus Johansson

Photo by Magnus Johansson

Photo by Magnus Johansson

More images in thread on Work in Progress 

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This is kind of amazing. A building in Brussels known as the Dexia Tower has got lightning installations behind 4200 of it’s 6000 windows.  Each installation consisting on average of 12 light bulbs, each with three LEDs – a green, a red and a blue – that can be combined into a complete colour palette. It can show figures, letters, geometric shapes with various effects and also graphics. A rapid change in the colour of the lamps instantaneously gives an impression of movement.

Picture Marc Vanderslagmolen
Picture by Marc Vanderslagmolen

dtb_2007_rgb_01.jpg dtb_2007_natdayb_01_proj.jpg
Left: LAb[au] Right: Picture by Thomas Vanhaute

The building has been a host for various light shows, for example the Touch project in which visitors could control the display from the opposite street using a touch screen. People were allowed to light the building in a personal way for a few moments and to send a souvenir picture of the light show to their e-mail addresses.

dexia tower touch screen light show

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Architect Tadao Ando has designed a new contemporary arts centre in Venice for luxury goods tycoon François Pinault.

arts centre

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This is some pretty awesome paper art by Jen Stark.






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