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The Hwangryongsa temple, a 9-story pagoda, was built in 645 AD by Silla (one of the Three Kingdoms of Korea), but was demolished in 1238 during the Mongol invasion of Korea.

Hwangryongsa Temple
Hwangryongsa Temple, a 9-story pagoda

Now it seems that they’re building a new 82m tall tower called Gyeongju Tower, inspired by the old temple.
It’s kind of.. weird looking, but I have to say it also looks very interesting.

Is it a monument or a building? I do not know.

Gyeongju Tower illustration
Gyeongju Tower illustration

Gyeongju Tower under construction
Gyeongju Tower under construction

source: forum thread



  1. …Uh, can you tell me exactly where the inspiration is coming from? 😀 The only similarity I see is that… well… it can shelter people? LOL

  2. Haha, I agree. maybe they simply did it wrong
    “guys we should be building on the inside” :p

  3. Oh, now I get it. The hole of the building is temple-shaped… Cute. Haha 😀

  4. .. I can’t believe you didn’t see that, lol 🙂

    It’s huge, I wonder if you’ll be able to go inside the building/monument itself. Those windows at the top over the hole kind of looks like they’re made to see through from up there.

  5. just went to S.Korea a couple weeks ago. stayed in Gyeongju for 2 days and got to see the tower…

    very cool, but a little bit creepy.

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